Who we are:

We strive to uphold the Masonic Values instilled upon us in Lodge and will govern ourselves according to the Masonic Landmarks and in accordance with the rules of the Grand Lodge of Maine.  It is these values, landmarks, and rules that keep us within our due bounds and remind us of our obligations to assist not only other Masons, but also - and most especially - their widows and orphans. 

The Low XII Riders accepts Master Masons who ride motorcycles as a member. If you wish to become an Low XII Rider but have not yet become a Master Mason, we will direct you to your local Masonic Lodge. If you become a Mason, we will welcome you as a member.

We meet on the third Sunday of each month unless otherwise designated by a vote of the membership at an earlier meeting and that notice begiven to the membership at least two weeks prior to the meeting. There are attendance requirements as set forth in our By-Laws.

Low XII Riders Brochure (pdf)

Low XII Riders Application (PDF)

Low XII Riders Application (DOCX)



In January 2011, Scott Welch started kicking around the idea of a local Widow's Sons chapter for the Bangor area. Coincidently, Jef Hamlin was having the same thoughts in the Milo area. In July 2011, Paul Jerome, taking over for Scott, met up with Jef and the two individual ideas merged into forming one Central/Northern Maine Chapter.

On September 11, 2011, the founding members met at Ralph J Pollard Lodge in Orrington to vote on a chapter name and bylaws. By the end of the meeting, the Low XII Riders was formed. We were authorized by the Widows Sons Grand Chapter of Maine on September 24, 2011.


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And, while this link is not a Maine Masonic Link, I think it does a great job of telling who we are in general and in the family of Masonry:

From Labor to Refreshment - Todd E. Creason


Low XII Riders Calendar


President - Dan Taylor

Vice President - Scott Welch

Secretary - Gerry Knight

Treasurer - Ed King

Membership - Duncan Brown

Sgt. At Arms - J. Daniel Clark

Communications - Jef Hamlin
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